where we are and where we came from
The Boatyard Guitar Workshop started in 2012 on the island of Lots Ait in Brentford, West London. Although predominately a boatyard Lots Ait was also home to a number of different craftsmen. In 2014 the workshop altered its focus to concentrate on teaching luthiery skills in an individually tailored format. As this gained popularity we rapidly outgrew our original island home and in August 2017 relocated to a much larger workshop facility which is part of the Artistic Spaces Group in Standard Road, Willesden. 

who we are

David Payne is a self confessed guitar fanatic who has spent a lifetime playing, building and collecting guitars. He spent his formative years gigging in pubs and clubs and could often be found incorporating modifications and upgrades into his instruments (and other people's too!). 
He studied luthiery at Merton College, where he now lectures. He continues to research and study this vast and fascinating subject at every opportunity.
Mark Alien has been playing bass and guitar for over 30 years in a variety of different bands. Mark works as a full time independant luthier searching for the perfect bass guitar. His speciality is the neck-thru bass (although he makes great acoustic guitars too!) and he is the man behind the design and manufacture of Malien Basses (www.malienbass.com). 
Always happy to share his knowledge and skills he also possesses a keen eye for a nice piece of timber.